Top reasons to get an iPhone case

While you might not want to cover up your jazzy new iPhone with a case or cover, you know that if you don’t you’ll regret it the weeks to come in the case that you drop it or shatter it. Here are the top reasons you should get a case for your phone.

1. Stop it breaking

The number one reason to get a case for your phone is to prevent it from getting damaged. iPhones are incredibly expensive and the last thing you want is a hefty repair bill when you drop it on a night out and crack the shiny new screen. Even a simple cover then doesn’t make the phone too bulky can absorb much of the shock and prevent it getting too damaged should an unfortunate event occur.

2. Be individual

While it might be cool to have an iPhone, there are limited options to choose from and so everybody ends up with the same phone. A case can personalise your model and make it individual to you. With such a wide array of phone cases to choose from the options are seemingly endless.

3. Give yourself power

Phones no longer just devices to call on, in fact, that’s quite far down the list of things people use them for. Your phone might be your dating service, your games console or gambling device or your maps when you’re on holiday. All this uses an inordinate amount of battery. However, some cases: now come with a secondary battery so your phone will last twice as long when you’re out and about.

4. Keep your cards safe

A case can do more than protect your phone, it can also protect your bank cards if you don’t want to take a separate purse or wallet when leaving the house.

5. Show off your phone

While you might not want to get a case to show off your flashy new iPhone. Well, with new designs such as the sleek Griffin survivor case, you don’t have to. As well as being available in rose gold and space grey, the case is also available in a clear variation showing off the iPhone in all its glory.